President & Representative Director
Shuji Hattori

Message from the Newly Appointed President

My name is Shuji Hattori, and I was appointed President and Representative Director this April.
I joined INES Corporation in April 1988. Back then I was assigned to the Nagoya Branch (now the Chubu Branch), where I got my start as a development engineer. I went on to gain experience on the front lines in Public Sector Sales, Operational Services and as general manager of the Business Strategy Division.
I would like to extend my sincere gratitude to all those who supported me along the way.

The Company is preparing to start a new Mid-term Business Plan. In recent years society has undergone significant change, and the environment surrounding the Company is changing at a rapid pace. While geopolitical risks remain, the economy is showing signs of recovery as it emerges from the COVID-19 pandemic.
In the ICT industry, the speed of technological innovation with AI, data science and other advancements is accelerating.
We have been working on digital transformation efforts ahead of the 2025 cliff.
In the new Mid-term Business Plan, we will make steady progress handling the standardization of local government information systems. We will also make use of cutting-edge technologies and alliances positioning the demand for innovation in the local government sector as a starting point as we continue to dynamically promote reforms to business models in the regional and private sectors.

Meanwhile, since our listing on the Prime Market of the Tokyo Stock Exchange, we have been working to strengthen our management foundations while developing more sophisticated corporate governance and quality frameworks. This fiscal year we will continue to actively work on sustainable management and investments in human capital, including the hiring of outside talent, while making every effort to enhance corporate value.

We will also observe our 60th anniversary this year. Officers and employees alike will make concerted efforts to grow with our customers and advance the development of a better society. We appreciate the continued understanding and support of our valued customers.


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