INES Corporation

Disclosure policy

INES discloses accurate corporate information wherever possible to its shareholders, investors and other stakeholders in a timely, appropriate and fair manner in accordance with the Securities and Exchange Law of Japan and other regulations. The Corporation will continue to disclose useful information actively in order to help stakeholders understand its activities.

1. Disclosure Criteria

The Corporation has instituted a timely disclosure system covering all companies in the INES Group. The Corporation seeks to ensure the accurate, timely and fair disclosure of information in accordance with regulations prescribed by the Securities and Exchange Law of Japan and rules stipulated by security exchanges concerning the timely disclosure of corporate information by issuers of listed securities (hereinafter referred to as the “Timely Disclosure Rules”).

The Corporation even discloses information that is not covered by the Timely Disclosure Rules, if it deems that disclosure of such information is necessary or useful for enhancing stakeholders’ understanding of the Corporation’s activities.

2. Information Disclosure Methods

Information subject to the Timely Disclosure Rules is disclosed through the Timely Disclosure System operated by the Tokyo Stock Exchange and the Osaka Securities Exchange. Disclosure to media organizations is carried out through the Kabuto Club, a press club within the Tokyo Stock Exchange.

Reports and documents on securities covered by the Securities and Exchange Law of Japan are submitted to the relevant financial authorities and are submitted in a prompt manner to the Tokyo Stock Exchange. These securities reports and documents are held for perusal by the general public.

Disclosed information is also posted in a timely manner on the Corporation’s Web site. Other information that is deemed useful for enhancing stakeholders’ understanding of the Corporation is similarly posted on the Corporation’s Web site.

3. Quiet Period

INES maintains a quiet period prior to the release of results in order to prevent the leakage of information that could influence share prices. During this period, the Corporation refrains from replying to inquiries or commenting on its results.

In the event that the results are expected to differ substantially from previously released forecasts, however, the Corporation discloses information, where appropriate, even during the quiet period.

4. Disclosure materials provided in English

INES Corporation endeavors to treat all its stakeholders equally, regardless of whether they are located in Japan or overseas. However, the English-language information provided on this website is not all-encompassing. Rather, it represents information that we believe is particularly important and helpful for overseas investors seeking to understand our company. Accordingly, this site includes only part of the information that the Company is required to disclose under such Japanese regulations as the Securities and Exchange Law and Tokyo Stock Exchange regulations. Please understand that the information provided here is not intended to comply with or be exempted from overseas legal requirements.